Wildlife Paintings

Highly realistic oil paintings

I specialise in highly realistic artwork, painting fur you believe you can scrunch beneath your fingers, feathers that look like they’ll flutter in the slightest breeze, and wrinkles that tell the tale of a life lived in the Savannah. I don’t do this for the sake of doing it, but because I genuinely believe in the connection wildlife paintings like these offer.

So much more than a picture on your wall, artwork like this remind us of our love for the natural world. They don’t try to replace or enhance what already exists, but offer that connection daily. Whether it’s a memory of an exotic safari, or a Badger trundling through the woods! Animals are accessible, understandable, and open. My work reflects this, invites people in, welcomes and connects us through a shared love of wildlife.

Click above to browse my wildlife paintings still available, or my work already sold. I also have a range of prints you can view here.

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