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Over the years I’ve painted a variety of subjects, creating a diverse portfolio of Fine Art.
Whether you call it wildlife art, animal art, contemporary or fine art, all art is storytelling. It can make you think, question, and feel any emotion that you can name. I choose to paint animals when they’re in a state of “being”. Not unlike contentment in a human, the animal isn’t showing any signs of hunger, fear or stress. They’re not sleeping, or chasing, they’re in a natural state of mind that people find difficult to achieve. By immortalising this moment in artwork, building on what the photographer has already deftly captured. Making it bigger and more impactful, the viewer can feel themselves connecting with that feeling.

It’s often a sub-conscious moment, they would probably find it difficult to articulate into words exactly why it makes them smile, or why they’re choosing this piece over another. But odds are it gave them that feeling. And will continue to do so! It’s been my privilege to hand some of these pieces over to the customers directly, and see the joy the artwork brings to the people they were meant for.

Although all of these paintings are sold, most are available as limited edition prints, you can browse them here or buy them in my Etsy shop.

Out on a Limb

Annie Drew Wildlife Art - Cheetah Oil Painting

Burning Bright



A Moment’s Pause

Small Tortoiseshell




Snow Leopard



Tawny Owl



Barn Owl



Fox Cub



Red Squirrel

Sly Fox

Rutting Stag

Squirrel Monkey